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Testing and Commissioning Services

Testing and Commissioning is the main source to keep system or Equipments in safe and active. We are strengthened by our Experienced Professional Engineers who are aware to handle site with safety, quality, efficiency and hard & dedicative work on the system. The Kit and Measuring Tools we provide will be calibrated to standard. Our engineers periodically undergo required safety, Product, Software training. We also deal with Special Testing Kits like DCRM, Timing, Tan Delta, CT Analyzer and Secondary Injection Three Phase Kit.

  • Testing and Commissioning of Equipments like CT, PT, CVT, Transformer, LA, WT, Circuit Breakers, and Isolators etc. up to 765kV.

  • Testing and Commissioning of Numerical, Static, and Electro Magnetic Relays like ABB, Alstom, GE, Schneider Electric, NR Electric etc. up to 765kV.

  • Testing and Commissioning of CRP, Metering, Fault Recorder panels etc...

  • Scheme checking up to 765kV level.

  • Cable Schedule preparation can be done by our Engineers.

  • Skilled and trained Engineers who can work in Omicron relay testing kit or relevant to same brand like Meggar, Ponovo and Doble.

  • Site survey preparation of existing and modified Engineering document

  • Erection supervision , Testing and Commissioning of GIS, AIS, LT/HT panels, LT/HT equipments up to 765KV levels.

  • Experienced in working with different types of Control System and Relays.


Substation Automation Services

SCADA in a power system is used to collect, analyze and monitor the data effectively, which will reduce the waste potentially and improve the efficiency of the entire system by saving money and time. Supervisory control and data acquisition system or SCADA refers to combination of devices and data system. Scada includes collection of GUI, Data Monitoring, Data Storing, Control of Substation and Industries equipments like Circuit Breaker, Isolator etc. In order for SCADA systems to obtain its functionality, it needs a protocol for transmitting data. Master Station, Remote Terminal and Communications are done using different protocols like IEC 61850, IEC 67870-5-101, IEC 67870-5-104, DNP3, Modbus etc... Scada Systems are configured to SAS System, HMI, RTU, Data Concentrator, Gateway and Remote Unit. Our Engineers are Experienced & working in Various SAS Products of GE, ABB, and Alstom.

  • BCU configuration.

  • HMI & Gateway configuration.

  • IEC104, Modbus, and DNP3 etc... 

  • Skilled and Trained Engineers can handle different protocols like IEC61850, IEC101,

  • Can integrate various types of IEDs, BCUs, Energy Meter with Scada System

  • Configuration & Integration of IED/MFM/PLC/BCU with SCADA.

  • Testing of IEDs for the provided protection setting.

  • Signals transmitting to Scada, NCC, and Remote End can be done from our End.

  • Experienced in making Optical Fiber- Ring Network Communication, Serial Network Communication.

  • Experienced in Splicing, termination of Armored Optical Fiber Cables.


Retrofitting Services

Existing substation and power system retrofit projects of your protection and control systems are becoming increasingly important to businesses. Retrofitting is like upgrading the earlier or Old System with new upgraded IED’s or SAS system. At most cases, Retrofication of older relays like Electromagnetic, Static relays are being replaced with Numerical relays with latest IEC61850 protocols which is commonly used standard protocol for communicating IED’s to the Scada System. By doing retrofitting you can make your system more stable and keep it safe by implementing updated protection function from system getting damaged. We have experienced and keen to provide better services at optimized cost. In order to minimize outages and downtime, we recommend a detailed field assessment of the existing systems, a physical walk-down and schematic/ infrastructure review by an experienced team that is familiar with the retrofit process.

  • Retrofitting of Static and Electro Magnetic Relay.

  • Modification, changing of old IED’s, equipment’s, Aux Relay, Annunciator etc... can be done.

  • Testing and Commissioning of Disturbance Recorder Panel for existing substations.

  • Retrofitting of Bus Bar Relay at existing substation.

  • Modifying the circuit as per the retrofitted device scheme.

  • Configuring the relay in accordance to the scheme.

  • Providing testing and commissioning support.

  • Integration of retrofitted module with existing Scada system or Data Concentrator System.


Maintenance Services

Maintenance of System involves the fault diagnosis, routine servicing, and repair of Electrical equipment. Maintenance plays vast role in keeping system safe and smooth running. We serve maintenance companies to maintain their system for years. We also supply technicians and Engineers to be at site and work like operators to monitor the system and collecting data’s. We have experienced and keen to provide better services at optimized cost. Since we are experienced with Yard, Switchgear and Relay testing, our Experienced Engineers can understand the system easily to complete work quickly. They are trained up with skills on thinking smart for your substation needs.

  • Maintenance of Control Panel, Electrical Equipments like CT, PT etc.

  • Maintenance of Control and Relay Panel, Disturbance Recorder Panel

  • Maintenance of Scada System by upgrading patches to existing system

  • Maintenance of Energy Meter System

  • Maintenance of Computers used for DRPC, SAS system, and its corresponding devices

  • Man power supply can maintain substations or Power Plant control room by collecting daily, hourly Data’s.

  • Our Engineers are experienced in working at live substation during Maintenance.

  • Providing training to End Customers or Client.


Design and Engineering Services

Electrical systems comes with different type of components which needs perfect installation to achieve the system objective. Design Process is most important to come up with safety, technical requirements. A Proper methodology ensures that the design
outcome achieves the desired technical objectives as well as regulatory and safety compliance. Our engineers have proven power system design experience, and are able to provide you with a full range of design services. We Offer following specialist skills in field of Design and Engineering,

  • Protection Relay setting Calculations, reviews and coordination,

  • Fault Analysis and modelling,

  • Correction and Review of Protection schemes,

  • HV/MV/LV Design Analysis and SLD development,

  • Analysis, Design and documentation for electrical systems like new substation, Augmentation extension bays,

  • Analysis, Design and documentation of Transmission Line Towers or Poles.

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